by beth hoag

It is my firm belief that knowledge is power.

Every day, I see clients with fear and anxiety, and so much of it is fuelled by the unknown. If you are armed with accurate knowledge and information about your body, then you can begin to “control your controllables” and take back some of the power that fear and anxiety are holding hostage.


The purpose of my blogs is to help empower you and your loved ones through knowledge and insight. You deserve to live life to the fullest during and after cancer treatment and I hope this information helps you along your way.

May you be well. May you be happy. May you be healthy.

senior woman touching wall calendar and looking at dates

Brain Fog: What It Is and What You Can Do About It

Do you find yourself being more forgetful since your cancer treatment; forgetting people’s names, important dates or even what you went into that room to get in the first place? Or maybe you’re struggling to focus on a conversation or a recipe you’re following. Maybe it’s taking you longer to process the directions to that restaurant. Or maybe you’re struggling to find the “right” word to say something in a conversation.

If so, you are not alone…

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Senior woman exercising in park

Movement is Medicine Part 1: Move Your Body (How to, and why it’s helpful to exercise during and after cancer)

I’m sure it’s nothing new to hear that we should all be exercising.

However, during and after cancer treatment, it can be really difficult for some to get and stay active. Fatigue, nausea, depression, anxiety, pain, and lymphedema are some of the very real side effects that people going through (or recovering from) cancer treatment live with each and every day. In addition to these treatment side-effects, changing a behaviour can be really difficult.

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Young woman on a walk outdoors in forest in summer nature, daydreaming

5 Tips for Forest Bathing

This summer, I have spent a significant amount of time up at a family member’s cottage… I call it “my ultimate happy place.” I have repeatedly experienced the progressive sense of relaxation while being up there.

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Woman looking at her lovely daughter and handsome husband

The Power of Pacing

Overdoing it, we’ve all done it. Pushed ourselves “just a little longer” to get that last bit of cleaning in, even when we’re exhausted. Gotten caught up in the joy of gardening (or insert your favourite past-time here) only to realize you’ve been out there for 4+ hours. Picked up the rake to gather “just a few” leaves as you’ve lost patience waiting for someone else to do it.

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Cancer Recovery

Proactive Cancer Recovery

Many of us go to the dentist every 6-9 months for a “checkup” and cleaning.

Many of us see our family physician every year for a “checkup”.

Heck, many of us bring our car to the mechanic for an oil change or bring our bikes in for a “tune-up”.

So why aren’t we doing the same with Cancer Care?

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Cancer Rehab Physiotherapist


I’ve never been one for New Year’s resolutions, but I read an idea around the new year that spoke to me. The suggestion was to set a one-word intention for 2020 with the idea that it was to help guide your decisions for the year. I can’t tell you how I eventually came to my word, but that word was “believe”.

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