One-on-one care

Where You feel safe, comfortable and heard

Mindful of your story

I am mindful of the personal and sensitive nature of your story, so take great care in ensuring your time in my clinic space is private, calm and comfortable.  Our appointment time is reserved for you and provides ample time to discuss how you’re doing, assess where you’re at and treat you accordingly.

In Person one on one care treatment may include a combination of education, hands-on and movement-based therapies.

My home-based practice is located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.


Telehealth: A Great Alternative

Whether it’s a snow day, you’re not feeling well enough to leave your home, or you just live too far away to see me in person, online appointments (also known as “Telehealth”) are a great alternative when in-person appointments just aren’t possible.

Our secure, one-on-one care virtual appointments allow ample time for an in-depth conversation about your specific concerns, for a comprehensive visual assessment, as well as for education and self-treatment strategies specific to your healing needs. All you need is an internet connection and access to a computer, tablet or smart phone.

*Virtual appointments are currently available for residents of Ontario, Canada only


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