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Beth Hoag, PT, CLT

Living and leading from a place of curiosity, connection and insight.

Registered Physiotherapist, Cancer Rehabilitation

Beth Hoag, cancer rehab physiotherapist in Ottawa, ON, is standing under a tree looking up wearing a blue shirt and smiling.

My Story

My passion for working in cancer rehabilitation stems from having grown up with a mother who was diagnosed with breast cancer at a young age. I was inspired by her view of metastatic cancer as an incurable illness and by her intentional effort to create a more balanced lifestyle.


Years later, a series of my own health challenges taught me how to sit with the fear of uncertainty and the deep sense of anger when my body had “failed me.” I walked my own path of grief, trauma and loss that was left in its wake. But these difficult experiences also taught me to trust my inner voice and deepened my own self-care and mindfulness practices. They also enriched my understanding of the importance of trauma-sensitive care and nervous system regulation.


In 2015, after 10 years of practice including 7 years of working in cancer rehabilitation in the Ottawa area, I opened my own integrative physiotherapy practice focused on cancer rehabilitation. This home-based practice reflects my values of balancing and caring for body, mind and spirit in a comfortable and professional environment. I wanted to create a space where all clients felt safe, comfortable and heard.


My goal is to treat every client with the same compassion and respect I would have expected for my mother. I believe that you are a whole person and that your care plan should reflect this. Though I come with expert experience and training, I believe strongly that YOU are the expert of your experience.  As such, I view my role as a coach on your team: to help you learn about your individual situation, step into your personal power, and guide you back to a place of balance.


I often ask people “What fills their cup?” Here are a few things that fill mine: being in nature, being on the water (paddling, swimming), getting my hands dirty in the garden or in the pottery studio, yoga, meditation, whipping up a tasty recipe in the kitchen, dancing to a great tune, or snuggling with my dog.

Cancer Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy Experience

28 Years Personal Exercise Programming

19 Years Physiotherapy

16 Years Cancer Rehabilitation

16 Years Lymphedema

9 Years Home-based Practice

7 years Pelvic Health Physiotherapy

Other Credentials

Cancer physiotherapist Beth Hoag is standing with her hands over her chest wearing a bright pink shirt.

The Cancer Rehab Physio Experience

What people are saying

Beth is absolutely incredible. Her advice has been instrumental in helping me negotiate the post-surgery process. She is very knowledgeable and knows exactly how to break down information in a digestible and useful way for her patients. Would highly recommend her services.


In-person client

I found Beth’s workshop on lymphedema to be very comprehensive and informative, including her thorough explanation of risk factors, and the use of helpful visuals (“the bathtub analogy”) to explain the impacts of different stressors on the whole lymphatic system.  I also gained knowledge about the importance of maintaining soft tissue and joint mobility, and feel much more confident in being able to monitor my personal risk and practice preventative measures for my future health.


Lymphedema Smart Workshop Participant

Beth was a recommendation from the oncology team, and what a fantastic one it was. She found the time to see me on short notice and was key to my recovery from two surgeries and hospitalizations. Her extensive knowledge and experience with lymphedema, post-surgical rehab, care of oncology patients, and exercises were instrumental to get me through rough patches and recovered well enough to resume a full and active life. I could not have found that level of care and guidance elsewhere. I am so grateful that she was able to see me and get me through the first six months of the battle. I would recommend her to any cancer patients. During Covid times, and while on chemo I felt absolutely safe knowing the measures she and her patients took to keep us all safe. Thank you Beth!


In-person client

When you’re with Beth, you know she truly cares about you as a person and your recovery. She partnered with me to give me exercises to do to support the recovery process. She can read the body so well and takes the time to describe what she is doing and its impact on the body. … Beth exudes warmth, care and professionalism in all of her interactions. Beth uses her depth of knowledge, steady hand, and passion for people to make a difference. I can’t recommend her highly enough.


In-person client

Beth Hoag sits with a stack of books on cancer, physiotherapy, cancer rehab and the importance of movement.

Post Secondary Education

Volunteer Positions


Continued Learning


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