Workshop requests

Beth offers small group workshops on various topics specific to Cancer Rehabilitation.  These have been offered to health and wellness professionals as well as community support groups. 

Would you like Beth to present to your staff or at your next gathering?  Contact her today to discuss topics and rates.


Cancer Rehabilitation

Cancer rehabilitation and wellness is a growing field of practice and I welcome the opportunity to collaborate with other like-minded people. Whether you're a health and wellness professional or a passionate entrepreneur helping people impacted by cancer, contact Beth today to discuss any collaborative projects related to cancer recovery and wellness


Did you know that many cancers and their treatments can have a negative impact on pelvic health?

Nearly 48% of all women and nearly 45% of all men with a newly diagnosed cancer* may have pelvic health dysfunction either as a direct result of their cancer or as a side effect of their treatment.

If you treat patients with a history of cancer or who are actively undergoing cancer treatment, subscribe below to learn the pelvic health questions that EVERY patient should be asked.

(*Statistics from the Canadian Cancer Society 2019)

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