Reclaim Your Life After a Cancer Diagnosis

Using a whole-person approach to help you live with connection, comfort & confidence during cancer treatment and beyond. Because your quality of life matters.

Cancer Rehabilitation Physiotherapy Ottawa since 2008

Beth Hoag Physiotherapist, focuses on empowerment and strength in her Ottawa-based cancer rehabilitation practice.

Hi, I’m Beth

Cancer has been a part of my story since I was 11 years old, when my mother was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. As a daughter, I was inspired by my mother’s transition to prioritize her wellbeing, all while facing the fear of uncertainty. As a “previvor” and woman, I make intentional choices to care for myself, while still walking my own path of grief, trauma and loss.

As a cancer rehab physio, I promote action from a space of “recovery mode”, after working with hundreds of people frozen in the fear of “survival mode.”

This path isn’t always easy but it has led me to this place I call home. I welcome you here with open arms.

How Can Cancer Rehabilitation Help You?

Reduce pain, stiffness and fatigue

Improve mobility, strength and function

 Reduce anxiety and fear of the unknown

Take back control of your recovery

Feel more connected and safe in your body

Beth Hoag is working with a cancer rehabilitation client, helping her align her shoulder while lifting small weights.

Let's Work Together

Cancer Rehabilitation Pathways

The Online Cancer Rehab Space

Learn how to care for your whole self, at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home. The Cancer Rehab Space offers online webinars and recovery programs to support your recovery. 

One-on-One Physiotherapy

Whether it be virtually or in-person, your appointments will be booked specifically with me (Beth Hoag). Treatments are personalized to your specific needs to improve your wellbeing and quality of life.

Speaking Engagements & Workshops

I offer educational workshops and speaking engagements about cancer rehab physio and recovery to small groups for non-profit organizations, community support groups, health and wellness professionals.

Mentoring for Healthcare Providers

Looking for help with how to support one of your clients? I offer mentoring for healthcare providers such as Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Naturopaths and other practictioners.

Beth Hoag holding a bright pink compression bra used for breast cancer rehabilitation.

Breast Cancer Rehabilitation

Even 6 years after diagnosis, over 60% of people diagnosed with breast cancer will experience 1 or more treatment side effect that could be improved with cancer rehabilitation.* Problems such as pain & tightness, shoulder problems, lymphedema, fatigue, osteoporosis, poor balance, muscle weakness, and pelvic health problems are common but can be improved. As an experienced cancer rehab physio, I can help you feel better now.

Pelvic Health After Cancer

Nearly 50% of all people diagnosed with cancer will face treatments that could negatively impact their pelvic health.* Certain cancer treatments can contribute to pelvic pain, vaginal dryness, urinary incontinence, sexual challenges, constipation and more. Pelvic health physiotherapy can help improve your symptoms, and my pelvic health practice focuses on the unique needs of cancer recovery.

Beth Hoag is wearing a blue tank top and holding pelvic health anatomy models.
A cancer rehabilitation physiotherapist holding a compression sleeve next to a client’s arm who is dealing with lymphedema.

Cancer-Related Lymphedema

Lymphedema is a special type of swelling that can develop after the lymphatic system has been impacted by cancer treatment (e.g. surgery or radiation.) Approximately 5% – 83% of people diagnosed with cancer will develop lymphedema in their lifetime, but the sooner it is diagnosed, the easier it is to treat.* My approach to lymphedema treatment is to individualize it to meet your specific situation.

Beth Hoag, cancer rehabilitation physiotherapist, standing and wearing a white t-shirt that says “Quality of Life Matters.”

You Deserve To Do More Than “Just Survive” Cancer

While cancer treatments prioritize the disease, the whole person is often overlooked. Treatment side effects can greatly impact your quality of life but are often dismissed. As a result, you may be left feeling constrained by an unwelcome “new normal.”


But this isn’t the end of your story.


You hold tremendous power to support your own health and wellbeing during and after cancer treatment.


I believe in using a whole-person approach to empower you with the best knowledge, tools and support so you can start to minimize your treatment side effects and maximize what matters most… living your life on your terms.


Come join me… because your quality of life matters.

The Cancer Rehab Physio Experience

What people are saying

"Your online program and exercises were a game changer for my recovery; the overall content of the [Breast Cancer Recovery Program] is amazing. I wish I had had it when I was first diagnosed. It would have alleviated a lot of anxiety and questions."


Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

“Thank you for being such a wonderful healer in my life in my darkest days. Not only are you tremendously skilled but you are a gem of a human being whose presence soothed and encouraged me each and every time I saw you. I feel so fortunate to have had you walk with me through the muck...”


Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

“I was thinking about [Beth] and the work [she does] and [has] done for me. I was hiking in the Gatineau and enjoying the moment. Body in motion, mind somewhat still. Thank you for your expert advice and positive attitude. You were teaching me how to give myself a bit more grace. Your videos of me doing the exercises and your excitement when I made progress helped so much! I am grateful.” ​


Diagnosed with Melanoma​

"Beth has provided suggestions and treatment that have increased the range of movement of both arms, but even more significantly, made them feel like arms again so that I can participate in normal activities (eg. dragon boating) and be pain free. In the spirit of the body being "connected", Beth's intelligent approach results in improvements in whole body wellness, which she teaches the patient to maintain."


Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

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